Welcome to 2016

IMG_2987I am so excited to finally have my website up and going and be able to share things with you. I enjoy reading interesting posts and articles about other people’s gardens or public gardens they have visited.

I was excited to see that one of my favorite local (not to me here in Iowa but to the area she sells too) flower growers- Floret Farms, in Mt. Vernon, Washington has introduced a seed line. Erin and her family make such beautiful bouquets and everything she sells is grown there on the farm.  I am weighing my dahlia selections- I have never grown dinner plate sized dahlias before but I love the Cafe Au Lait dahlias she touts on her website and may have to give some a try this year.

I am busy getting all of my plug and seed orders finalized and in less than a month we will be off and running on the 2016 season! I have such a hard time deciding which flowers to include and which ones we do not have room for. I get very attached to the some flowers and to makes cuts is always hard for me.  We will be offering some new dahlias, ferns, and hope to continue to expand our perennial offerings. I will post a complete list of plants as soon as everything is finalized and up and going.  I have fallen hard for panicle hydrangeas. Panicles are different from mop head hydrangeas like we all love with the deep blues and pinks but I have always been frustrated with the lack of blooms here in Iowa. Panicle hydrangeas only bloom on new and old wood and I am excited to give them a try. I will be planting Limelights, Little Lime, and Pinky Winky hydrangeas for sale this fall.  If you would like to read more about hydrangeas and how they can be used in your landscape, head over to a favorite garden designer of mine- Deborah Silver.   http://www.deborahsilver.com/blog/tag/designing-with-hydrangeas/

That is all for my first post- thanks for stopping by!



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