About Us

Willow Lane Greenhouse was started in 2014 when our friend Marvin Smith decided to close his greenhouse business after the passing of his wife Sandy. I spent many days at Hilltop Greenhouse and Gardens picking out my spring annuals, perennials, or a new fruit tree for our home. Sandy had the most infectious laugh and loved to share her flowers with everyone. She would take you to a corner of the greenhouse to show you “just the neatest thing” she was growing this year. Our kids were only toddlers at the time and they loved to swing on the swings and look for baby kitties in the little greenhouse.

The opportunity to continue something that Sandy had started was available and so we began with one 60 x 18 greenhouse. It seemed so huge we never dreamed we could fill it all up and space was a little tight in the best place for it so we only put up half of it. It didn’t take long to realize it wasn’t going to be hard at all. The veggies were just babies and the Fed Ex lady was delivering flower plugs every week- it was only March and we were full. My husband is known for his frugal nature and inventive ideas so he started bringing old wooden feed bunks to sit outside the greenhouse and hold all the little baby tomato and pepper plants. On the days when the sun shines and it is nice, the plants sit outside, come night time he picks up each one with his tractor and loader and sets them inside shop.

He does this for about 6 weeks or until it stays warm enough at night for everything to be ok- our vegetable plants are definitely hardened off. We added one small starting greenhouse this last year and know we still don’t have the space we want but will continue to add little by little. It is a very satisfying and beautiful process that I enjoy sharing with everyone that visits us at Willow Lane Greenhouse. Come see us!